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Microsoft tries to fill in a gap if Google leaves Australia.
[Image: GoogleCastleHero-01.png]

Microsoft has a "Plan B ready" if slotxo Google follows through on threats to leave Australia, with plans to force the digital giant to pay news organizations for content, local media reported Monday.The Australian government has designed a bargain code for news media that forces Facebook and Google to compensate local publishers for hosting news stories on their platforms.Both US technology companies have threatened to block vital services in Australia if the new laws go ahead.Mel Silva, managing director of Google Australia last week, told a parliamentary hearing that the company would withdraw the popular search function from Australia if the code becomes law.
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella contacted Prime Minister Scott Morrison within days to make it clear that Microsoft's Bing search engine could expand if Google exited, The Australian reported.The pair spoke last week, the newspaper said, with Nadella reporting that Microsoft had "Plan B ready".Treasurer Josh Frydenberg confirmed the call, saying the government was in detailed discussions with "Industry players"Australia reserves the right to code on other platforms, and it is unclear whether Microsoft's MSN services linked to local news may be affected in the future.In connection with the current controversy regarding the code of conduct that governs Google and Facebook, Microsoft is not directly involved and we do not want to comment on the ongoing process," a Microsoft spokesperson said in a statement.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg also lobbying Australia contacted Frydenberg last week to discuss the code and its impact on the social media giant.Frydenberg told ABC it was a "very constructive discussion," but "Zuckerberg didn't convince me to back it up.Facebook warned it could block Australian users from sharing local news on its platform.I do not dismiss the threat. But I'm not afraid of them either, ”Frydenberg said.What I do know is that media businesses should be paid for content, and what I do know is ... whether that's the issue, whether it's cyberbullying or terrorist content on the internet, we do. Be prepared to handle Digital giants 
The law requires Google and Facebook to enter into a commercial agreement with news organizations or enter into mandatory arbitration regarding the size of the payment if they do not agree.The world's first proposal is being watched closely as governments grapple with the best way to harness the tech giants' growing power.Although it is widely supported by local media But the US government has urged Australia to abandon its "burden" plan, and World Wide Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee has warned that it could cause the Internet. "Not working
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